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Monday, February 28, 2011


Downloaded the demo for this title from PSN. I had read about it, and it sounded fun. But it's being a multiplayer game was played up so I didn't bother seeing I would mainly be playing against the computer.

Seeing that a demo was available I downloaded it. And it was pretty fun actually. It's setup to resemble a board game. The dragons roost is in the center of the board. Surrounded by villages, a castle, roads, Princess' and farmland.

Your job is collect as much gold as possible. Each game is limited to 10 mins. And you can gain exp points to buy upgrades to your dragon. You have to watch out for enemy archers, knights and whatnot as well as enemy dragons.

And after 10 mins the game is over. Nothing carries over, and the next game starts over fresh. With scores supposed to go to Online leader boards. I've only played once so far. I plan to put some more time into the demo. I don't know if I will buy the full version or not. At $14.99 it seems a little pricey. If it were $10 I'd be an easy sell to me.

Download It


Downloaded and played the demo from PSN yesterday on my PS3. I wasn't expecting much, but I was surprised. About as surprised as you can be playing a FPS these days. Since they all follow pretty much the same formula with just different backdrops and effects thrown in. Kinda like how Hollywood makes movies these days.

This time you you have your usual array of destructive weapons and firepower. But now you have this tractor beam bungie cord attached to your arm that you can grab people with and pull them back to you in bullet time so you can shoot their bits off, or whip them into objects. All of this garners you bonus points you can spend throughout the levels.

The demo was pretty short, one level. But did a good job of showing off the game. The game looks good, plays smooth and controls well. And like the Gears franchise (Epic in both counts) I love the mechanic of not using hit points and being able to duck into cover, to regenerate your invisible hit points, because we all know they are tracking damage somehow even if the points don't show on screen.

Definitely going to rent this one so I can run through the whole thing.

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I am number four

Managed to get to see this one. I would have to say that it wasn't the most original thing I ever saw. And it has a rather strong resemblance to Percy Jackson. But then, the formula for both aren't original so maybe it's just that.

The problem I had, was just that there almost no plot laid out in the movie. We don't learn all that much about much of anything at all. There are enough seeds, that I am interested in seeing how it all plays out. Assuming that this one makes enough money (And all the books come out) to see sequels produced.

I liked the cast, the acting was good enough. And the best part of the cast was the dog. I very much enjoyed the dog. Especially at the end. And the beginning when he was a Chameleon Lizard.

Probably the best movie that had a large component in high school since Band Slam. Since we've been suffering through Twilight this last couple years.

The villains are all pretty bland, and rather pathetic actually compared the ones they hunt now that they are becoming of age. But, again we don't know anything. And not told much of anything. So it's hard to put into context. But by the time I left the theatre if these children of the gard are this powerful and getting stronger. And stronger together. How did these two bit villains ever destroy their planet?? We need more information and it better be forthcoming..

3 stars out of 5

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cataclysm Crash

Well, it's been what?? About two and a half months since it was released. And I think I'm done.

Everything was going well for awhile, but the old MMO burnout crept in and I didn't feel like leveling anymore. I always wanted a high level Priest to be group friendly and for PvP. I had one on Alliance that was sitting about level 63. Since I don't play Alliance anymore I started my Horde one.

The new revamped low level zones were awesome. They really did put a lot of work into them. Not just some cosmetics either. Not only did most of the zones have changes, but all the quests and everything. It would seem they did go back and totally re-write and update graphically and geographically almost every zone I passed through.

So, when I got out of my newbie zone which was unchanged since it was part of TBC expansion (I made a Blood Elf) it was quite fun from about level 20 to 61.

They have sped up the pace, levels would pass by. I had some trouble keeping my trade skills up to date. For some time now I've been taking dual gathering to rake in the cash. And just buy what I need. It's been working great. But I had some trouble keeping it up to date with leveling too fast, and leaving the zones I needed.

That evened out after awhile, as leveling slowed down. But, once I reached Outlands everything just kind of came to a halt. There has been some changes to quests I'd swear.. Drop rates for quests amped up. Or spawns more common. But other than that, nothing seems to have been changed. And Northrend wasn't supposed to have been either.

And the boredom has been overwhelming. I tried some PvP Battlegrounds. But it would seems at level 66 they aren't much fun, or rewarding. In the past I had leveled my Rogue from about 73 to 80 almost exclusively through the BGs.

So, it would seem I'm done..again. Who knows for how long this time. Since WoW is a pretty cheap time waster. Too much time really, you never get anything else done. But for $15 a month it's pretty cheap.

I'm mulling over opening up my Gamepass again. But that runs about $32 a month. I have a list that's growing of console titles I want to play. And more coming this year. And over all, they are more rewarding. Since you can affect the story, and be the mover and shaker. Not something that is really possible in a MMO (Although Bioware is apparently trying with SW The Old Republic) so In recent memory I have more joyful memories of the games I was playing oddly enough at this time last year.. Bayonetta, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2 than I do the last year of WoW on and off.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Dirt

Confessions of the worlds most notorious rock band

What a fantastic read this book was. It is basically the biography of Motley Crue. From the beginning to the end.. mostly. Written like a first person tell all journal from the main players of the band. As well as some of their managers and associates.

It has to be read to be believed, or then again maybe not if you grew in the 80s like I did and had some vague familiarity with the Crue (We didn't really pick on them until Dr. Feelgood. And by then they had already been around awhile) I managed to read the book in about a week. Very much like some of the biographical tell all books about their wrestling careers and respective industries (Chris Jericho, Mick Foley and Bret Hart mainly) If you ever wanted to know first hand what it was like to be one of the most decadent and successful Rock Stars of all time. And what it was like on the inside. That this is your window.

The chapters alternate between people, and sometimes overlapping so you get more than one perspective on some situations. And there doesn't seem to be much if anything held back. With a free, open, casual speaking type of writing style I just breezed through the chapters.

Highly Recommended
4.5 stars out of 5

Sunday, February 20, 2011


The runaway train movie starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine of Star Trek fame. I'm sure you have all seen the trailers by now. Not a bad movie, directed by Tony Scott famous for lots of action and high octane movies. I'd almost call him the good Michael Bay.. But I don't actually dislike Bay that much.

I'm glad I didn't spend money to go see it in theatres. The action gets started right away, not much time is wasted. Everything starts gearing up almost from the beginning. And proceeds rather expectedly through the length of the movie.

Bottom line, not a total waste of time. Was worth a rental. But imminently forgetable. When is Denzel going to do something great again. I like both him and Pine. But, off the top of my head I can't think of a great movie with Denzel since Training Day or American Gangster 4 years ago.

3 out of 5 stars Rent it or wait for TV

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Smackdown 600th Episode

To be upfront I find Smackdown! to be the more enjoyable of the two shows. Seems to be more Wrestle oriented, and seems to have more show spread around amongst the roster. Where RAW seems to be the Cena and Orton show.

I have to say that the 600th episode started out great. The 12 man tag match with so many names in the ring at one time was a good match. Too bad they don't do things like this more often. The rest of the show was pretty bland. How many people have been fired and brought back in the last 3 months.. Cena, Edge, Ziggler.. Let's see if Ziggler can out last Cena for at least a month.. But that will be doubtful with the PPV tomorrow night.

At least the tag match was great for me.. The only other thing I find to be enjoyable for wrestling is TNAs X Division. Reminds me of the old WCW Cruiser Weights. And the TNA Knockouts, who at least try (Or allowed to try) harder to put on real matches. Where the WWE Divas just don't seem to do much at all. But, this is straying from the topic and should best be left for another entry.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Rock returns to the WWE

Finally something interesting has come back to WWE.. It's been seven years since The Rock has retired from the ring. Hard to believe it has been so long, but then again these past seven years must have been like dog years. The Rocks return to the ring, for an end of show promo was just a breath of fresh air. Against, the tired old crap that has been going on since he left.

That's not to say that there hasn't been anything good, just that when you see him in the ring. The return of one of the old guard. You see what a stark difference there is, with what once was Sports Entertainment and what we have now. And there is no comparison.

With Cena and the Miz as the two big stars we see constantly. They just wilt against the sun of The Rock.. No wonder I keep looking back to the Attitude Era so fondly. It was just better, and not because if ass, candy ass, beer drinking or blood either. The performers were just on a whole 'nother level.

And what does it say that with Wrestlemania coming up, they have to go digging to drum up interest?? Is Edge, Cena, Miz, CM Punk and Del Rio (The last two who I think is as good as the old crew) not enough to spark interest?? Now WM was always about pomp and celebrities and what not.. But this just doesn't strike me the same. And with Austin coming back as well to host a show for the WWE.. It just makes me wonder where they are going with this so called 'New Generation'

Not too mention that they really need to do something with Michael Cole.. I know that the announce team is supposedly fed their lines in real time, over the headset by Vince himself. But, come on.. Either bring Cole out as a real heel performer or let him go back to being just an announcer. Because in the old days of Gorilla and Heenan, the heel announcer was never so bad as this. Suffice to say those days of Gorilla and Heenan are gone. But, The King and J.R. were damn good. And how I wish they would let Ole J.R. come back..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon

The new teaser has just come out, being played during the Superbowl. Looks pretty good. Seems like we will have a big kick ass action scene like ROTF with Prime going rampage all over some Decpticons.

I know people are still split about the Bayformers, I was when the first one had just come out. To the point, that I immediately went back into the theater and seen Die Hard 4 just so I could erase TF1 from my memory.

But the Bayformers are just popcorn summer action movies. Big FX extravaganzas. And once you get used to that, you can enjoy them for what they are. Like 2012, Independence Day and others in that category.

And it looks like we have Laserbeak or maybe Buzzsaw in this one !!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Cape

Why couldn't we have had another seaons of Heroes?? Wait, did I just say that out loud??

The Cape looked like it was going to be an interesting show. A Hero that seemed like he was going to be in the mold of Batman, Green Arrow.. A skilled, gadget hero. What did we get?? Not much.. A magic cape, that doesn't seem like it can do much. And what amounts to a crappy third rate magician.

Disappointment doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this show. And I generally like the cast. And the villain, Chess.. With his lame looking chess piece eyeballs..

I was pretty pleased to read that NBC had cut short the season order from 13 episodes down to 10. And that meant that the show has already wrapped. Not likely to return. This show makes the last season of Heroes award winning material.

And I am forced to wonder how this show ever got on the air, when we could have had another season of Jericho or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Let Me In

It took awhile, but we finally have a great movie with a vampire in it. Not since Interview with a Vampire have I seen something that at least seemed fresh (And I mean the novel, not sure about the movie, it's been awhile)

Based on a Swedish Novel, which also has a movie. It's more of a normal movie where one of the main chars just happens to be Homo Sapiens challenged. No super powers, glitter or Heroics here. Just the curse of the existance, and trying to make friends and live somehow. The main chars just happen to be twelve years old. One of them, for a very very long time.

Check out wikipedia for more on the source, and in the mean time to go see this movie. I only wish I could have seen it in theaters.

4 out of 5 stars

See it immediately