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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Raw is Yawn

Another yawner of a Monday Night Raw for me last night. I did get a chuckle out of the opening when Cena throw out that line out about his Mother canceling his Warcraft subscription.

The best part of the whole show me would have been the tribute to Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat and his DVD release with the WWF / WCW legends.. But that they had to go and ruin that.

I knew when I saw it coming, can we just have a nice tribute to the Dragon without any crap. And of course not. Now, I imagine they had no problem trying to help put over the new faction. But, after the first few beat downs it has gotten boring and repetitive.

Especially since the Raw and Smackdown talent was barred from contact with them. Great.. Seems like they are trying to re-create the old NWO takeover type drama. Let them take over the announcers table for a show and call it.

Or even the TV truck outside and run their own Promos.. But a beat down without opposition every week has run its course.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Knight & Day

Say what you will about Tom Cruises' religious affiliations or what not. He does tend to make good movies. Not many great ones, but good ones.

Knight & Day was a good movie. Fairly humorous, few chuckles and no laugh out loud events. It was worth seeing, although some movies.. Comedies and Horror are a better viewing experience in a full theatre. But, when I saw it there must have been less than 15 people in the theatre.

I assueme most people have seen the trailers and are mostly familiar with what the movie is about. I don't know what it is about Diaz, but I still don't like her. So the movie may have been better with another actress. Other than that, the only problems that stood out for me was the movie was just too long. Roughly 2 hrs by my watch. Could have been 30 mins shorter. And because of that, the joke gets old.

Is Tom telling the truth, is he a whackjob. Is he an amazingly talented but inept appearing secret agent.. That's what we've all seen in the trailers and it was funny for the first hour or so. But it get's old, as the plot turns and the movie just keeps on going and going.

So, just some random observations on it. I liked it, was worth going to. I thought it was funny. But a little too long, and too bad the female lead wasn't someone else.

Go see it, and try to see it in a mostly full theatre.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reading Material

Eifelheim is a novel by Michael Flynn published in 2006. It's about a small village in the 1300s close to the Black Forest of Germany.

One day they notice thunder & lightening and strange occurrences in the forest. And it becomes known to the local Pastor and a few others that new visitors have arrived in the forest from another world.

The book covers the interactions of the aliens with the Medieval village over a period of I think, was less than a couple years. And how people of that time dealt with it.

The book is told from two perspectives. One mainly from the view of the local Pastor in 1348. And the other in the present from a Physics Professor and her boyfriend who studies population and settlements and what not ( lack of remembering what it's called). It begins with him trying to figure out why a village was abandoned in the late 1340s for no reason. When there appeared to be an abundant amount of local resources that people would not just leave behind, or resettle in a generation or two.

The book was slow to get started, but it builds and gets rolling along. The author did a great job on his homework, or else he is a history buff himself. The book did a great job imparting a small part of what life must have been like for the people in the 1340s. And dread of the coming plague at that time. And how they would struggle with the understanding of what had come to visit them. Although in my opinion, I don't know if as many people would accept the aliens as did in the novel. But then, if they didn't wouldn't be much of a novel so..

Read it, great book.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Three Dee

Am I the only one that thinks that all this recent 3D crap, is just that.. The latest gimmick to try and rush people into theatres.

Blaming piracy for most of the ills.. Why not crappy movies, remakes and poor scripts written to the lowest common denominator. Rushing movies out to video as fast as possible to turn a quick buck when people have 60" home theatres with surround sound systems can watch it at home without the hassle of other people and burnt popcorn.. have little incentive to go to theatres when they can wait 3 months and see it at home a lot cheaper as well.

I guess I am just getting tired of hearing all the hype about every thing coming out in 3D like it automatically makes everything better. Even though some items I've read makes mention that a chunk of the population can't watch 3D without getting nauseous. I guess I may find out this summer for myself when I get to see something in 3D.

The A - Toys

Toy Story 3

Went to see Toy Story 3 last weekend. Pixar is still on a roll. Was a good movie. I wouldn't call it great, but a solid good movie. Unlike 'Dragon this one works on a couple levels for kids and adults. And basically was an animated riff on prison break movies. The big one that comes to mind as an example was Eastwoods 'Escape from Alcratraz'

The toys end up having to escape from the Daycare when things there don't wind up to be all that they hoped they would be. Not too say much else, the movie has a happy ending. And one scene is right out of Return of the Jedi.

With any luck this is the last, everything nicely wraps up. And we get to see most of the toys. And some not more than small cameos. Namely, Zerg. So we know where and what happened to everyone.

So, certainly a solid good entertaining movie. Go see it, kids optional.

The A - Team

What a pleasant surprise this was. Let's just say now, that this movie was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though there was a few really over the top moments. But, expected in a summer action blockbuster.

When I saw the credits at the start, I knew it was a very good sign, or a very bad one. And luckily it was very good. Riddly and Tony Scott. And no Russel Crowe in sight. I think their magic has ended.

But, with this being the second ensemble action movie this summer, after The Losers. I wasn't expecting much. The trailers looked interesting, but also a little insane. But, the Tank sequence was awesome.

This movie is a great Action / Buddy / Endemble / Comedy style movie. In the vain of the original Beverly Hills Cop movie. And it's also a sensible movie. I noticed that, there wasn't a lot of 'plot skipping' and by that I mean, where characters seem to do, acquire or take advantage of things that seem to come out of thin air. Where the audience isn't shown where it comes from, or how they got it. I found this movie had a lot of logical progression that way. If you pay attention they don't do much that isn't explained or shown as they go about their plans.

The only real down side I found was Liam Neeson. I like him, Taken was a fantastic movie. But, he just didn't feel right as Hannibal.

Awesome movie, heres hoping for a sequel. But with a $100 million budget and what I read was not a big splash opening weekend. I don't know if it's likely. Heres hoping for a big international showing.

And I am familiar with the 80s TV show, and I did find this a good homage to the original.

This is how you make a re-make of an old property.

Now where is the Fall Guy or Simon & Simon..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kung Fu Kid

Chalk up another one to the studios for presuming that the movie going audiences are morons. Having to name the movie Karate kid for some minuscule connection to the 80s franchise when he was being taught Kung Fu because they needed the tie in or no one would know what the movie was about.. really..

Anyway, the movie is actually pretty good. Will Smith is starting a movie dynasty. His kid has presence on screen, and can perform well. (Someone should have explained this to George when he was doing The Phantom Menace..) Bit of a long movie, nicely updated.

Only thing I would complain about was that we didn't get to see enough of the Tournament stuff. And a nice nod to the original would have been his winning with the single Crane Kick knockout (Like the original if I can remember that far back)

Other than that it was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. Which is asking a lot by modern Hollywood standards.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


SGU finished it's first season last night. I will have to say that this show is a slow burn. Which is a good thing (tm)

At this point I wouldn't even call it Science Fiction but Drama. And that would seem to be the problem some people seem to have with it. It is such a departure from the franchise. Not being an action / adventure sci fi show. That it is pretty much building it's own fan base. And the existing one doesn't know how to take it.

But after two series, and one that didn't get a full seven seasons it's great to have something in the same 'Continuity' but essentially a different genre from the preceding shows.

And I like the ending. Here's hoping that MGMs woes don't bring it all down over the summer.

Supernatural ended it's season a few weeks ago now. And what a great ending it was. And a great series finale as well. I still don't know what else to really say about it. But that the next season is going to be on the edge of a knife not to screw all this up.

I know I will probably consider it a new series unless they manage to navigate the minefield. As it is Seasons one to five are start middle and finished with a great ending.

Question: Was Chuck god?? Seems to point that he was. Although I would have preferred it to be Cas. Chuck is just too obvious and right there. Or else even better, he / she hasn't been revealed yet. And Chuck was called up since his job was done.

Friday, June 11, 2010

NXT Season 2

Well, I can say I was pleasantly surprised by the premiere of Season 2.

If we back up a bit, I enjoyed the hell out of the end of Season 1. Once Daniels flipped out and ripped into Cole with some great Work / Shoot cuts. Poor Mans JR.. I was stunned at what they allowed him to say on air. And greatly entertained. And we shall see where they go with this NXT Invasion angle they just had on Raw.

But as far as Season 2 goes, I was only entertained by one person really. "Showtime" Percy Watson. With that strained double row white smile (Grimace?) and the dancing with those thick rimmed red glasses.. Was funny as hell. I hope he wins. He even wrestles with them on.

Cool to see Mr. Perfects son in there. But, what a stupid name they gave him. And why?? Wasn't to cover up his roots obviously since they brought up his past several times. Wish I could say I was just as impressed with Husky. Which If I remember right is the son of IRS.. correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, overall I can say I guess that NXT in the last few weeks has been more entertaining than Raw or Smackdown.

And don't get me started right now on the crap that they called Viewers Choice Raw..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dwarfers Rejoice

Well.. Sometimes you get what you wish for. After wanting more Red Dwarf, I've read this week that Craig Charles (Lister) gave an interview where he confirms two new series are in the works. And that shooting is set to start up early next year. (Of course I now can't find the link)

Great news, been watching that show since '86 or was it '87 when I was in junior high. I can still remember watching it with my friends. Staying up hideously late on school nights since we only got it on PBS back then.

Great news !!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why won't it end ?!?

I've been playing Infamous on the PS3. I remember last year when it and Prototype came out. How they were supposed to be similar games. I finished Prototype on the 360 and it was pretty good. I got the whole sense of the quarantine and that the city was locked down and going down hill fast.

Infamous isn't giving me that at all.. In fact, it's reminding me very much of another game.. Assassins Creed II.. It just doesn't want to end. It goes on and on.. And in the case of Infamous I'm apparently supposed to be in a quarentine zone with these mutants or some such running around. But the place doesn't look very cut off. And cracked down at all. Doing missions, getting power upgrades. And just getting bored at this point.

With the time I have into the game now, I would have to say that Infamous seems to be a poor knock off of Prototype. Although I don't know which one came first. I see that there is a sequel in the works for Infamous, but I don't plan to be playing it. I'd like to see the end of the story. But, I'm unaware of whether I can stick with it long enough to see it through to the end or not. Just like Assassins Creed II.

Dr Who??

After all these years, I may have finally seen a few episodes of the show that I actually liked. I liked the previuous Dr.. David Tennant but the show that he was a part of seemed to be just as bad as all the other episodes I managed to catch over the years.

Now, I like BBC stuff. And as far as I'm concerned Red Dwarf is the best thing to ever come from across the pond. No, I didn't much care for the Beatles and as much as a travesty as it was when I was kid I really didn't like Monty Python.

But the new younger Doctor so far has been pretty good. And from what I've been reading, it must be because of the darker tone that the show has taken. I've been watching Torchwood, not a bad show. The last miniseries was the best. But the new Dr Who seems to be even darker than Torchwood.

Now granted, I've only seen about 3 episodes so far. But the Angels episode was a good hour. I'll look forward to watching the rest of the season when I manage to catch it.

But I will always be crossing my fingers for more Red Dwarf !!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Death in the Sand

Prince of Persia

Once again, what can you say.. Not much of a movie. Plot was paper thin, a lot of action running sequences. Movie was more Assassins Creed feel than anything else. If Jake had of been dressed in white I could have mistaken him for Ezio. If not for the desert surroundings. I liked the cast though, and the FX was good. Just no plot and no story to speak of. So, pretty typical of a big summer action movie. Seeing as how they released in the late spring, I guess they didn't want to risk it going up against the real summer mega blockbusters.

Death in the Family

Book 10 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris. The series that True Blood is based on. And thankfully the book series is so much better. The show is taking some departures. I may have beat my record for fastest read of a hardcover novel. Unfortunately it's going to be a long wait for the next book as this one just came out. At least Guillermos book II of the Strain is coming out in September.

So, in summery Vampires good (Buy the book) and Prince of Persia bad (don't even bother renting)