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Monday, January 23, 2012

DOTM Autobot Guzzle & Extras

Finally managed to find one at the local grocery chain of all places. First and only time I ever managed to see one in person. And the price wasn't so bad either.

He is a fantastic little figure. Alt mode is a great looking little battle tank, with removable guns on the roof. Too bad that the turret doesn't move. But no surprise seeing how he transforms.

In robot mode, he has kind of a wide stance with large shoulders and long arms, almost a ape like stance which doesn't look bad. The green and yellow colors seem to work well, and a metallic blue face.

I'm quite pleased with him.

Today I also got in the mail an ebay purchase from the U.K. a set of black and grey guns as well as the large robot head to complete my G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime. And a animation cell of Lio Jr from Beast Wars 2 that looks great in a glass frame I picked up for it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

E Readers

Here is something I would have never thought I would end up buying. I like having a physical book to read. Flip through the pages, and heft when I'm reading. There was just something satisfying about it. Even though the larger books would sometimes make my wrist sore holding it up just so I could keep reading.

After a short couple weeks reading up on them, having only really having any brand awareness about the Kindle and the Kindle Fire. I ended up with a Kobo Touch. Once I found out that it was essentially 'Region' free there was little other choice.

I certainly didn't want to be locked into any formats. And the Kobo would read the current comic book formats. As it has turned out, I am almost done reading my second novel on it. And won't be reading any comics I don't imagine.

The screen is fantastic, bit of a matte finish which is awesome, I was concerned about the visibility of fingerprints like my iPod Touch. And that is not a problem. And the look of it is just like paper. It's rather amazing how they have made it look just like a book page. It's light weight, and has a rubber coating on the whole thing to make it easy to grip and hold onto. The only real gripe I had, and it pretty much vanished once I got used to it. Was the slight delays with the touch screen. It messes me up still when typing, but now that I have gotten used to it. It's not a problem flipping pages.

It has 2GB of ram, only 1GB available to the user. I installed a 4GB Micro SD card and will be plenty since I won't be carrying my comics around. The problem with them is that they don't display as they would on the PC. You can zoom in, and scroll about the pages. But I find the text hard to read, and would have preferred it to operate the way the PC readers do. Displaying each page in halves, zoomed in. So when you flip pages it just goes from the top of the page to the bottom. So each comic page is presented as two full screen pages. This is something I would think could be address in an update if they so choose.

A great part of my satisfaction with the device I don't doubt is the Targus Black leather case I got for it. It makes the kobo look and feel like a real leather bound book. It has pockes for cards inside, and has two bands and a slot / pocket at the bottom to hold the device. And with the rubberized exterior it just kinda sticks in place. The case was originally designed for the Kindle. But is great for the Kobo. If I didn't have a great case for it, it would probably stay on my desk. And I would never carry it around or get any use out of it.

So it has been a surprisingly good purchase. And if I finish the other half dozen or so books I plan to read in the short term. It will have been worth the cost to get into.

4 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Transformers Prime Wave 1 and 1.5

In probably the easiest launch for me to date. I was able to get all of the Prime wave one items at retail. Even Voyager Bulkhead. And right through the holidays I seen them all on the shelves.

I am quite pleased with them. They look fantastic, reminds me a lot of Animated. The figures look very much like the on screen characters that they represent. I know that there are some small details with the figures that don't quite match up. But over all they look great.

There is one exception, however. Deluxe Bumblebee.. He looks good in both modes, but transforming him into robot mode was 'fussy' and his chest and upper torso just seems to be a floppy, jointed mess going on. And I have a difficult time getting him to pose half decently. If memory serves both him and Cliffjumper are getting a new mold in the main line this year. So I hope they get him fixed up.

Megatron and Starscream look like they walked out of the screen. Very nice. Voyager Prime is far and away much nicer looking than the deluxe version. And Cliffjumper as well looks awesome. I especially like the dual hidden blasters in his arms. I wish Prime and 'Bee would have come with two guns. As well as a set of guns would have been nice for Arcee.

Overall, a fantastic start. And I look forward to seeing the Vehicons, Soundwave, Wheeljack and the others. Hopefully with staggered release. After 2011 my wallet could certainly use a break.


I figured out Bumblebees mess of a chest.. The two sections do clip and become a lot more solid. But you end up covering up the Autobot symbol on his chest when everything is clipped together right. And this way the doors on his back fold out properly as well. He is much more stable this way, but you can't really see his Autobot symbol on his chest any longer.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

After hearing about the books for months, the original language edition of the movies came and went. And then the weirdly bizarre and interesting trailers for the American verions (Not too mention the Muppet version). I finally went to see the movie.

I knew going in that I would like the cast. Especially Craig and Plummer. Althought, it was too bad that Plummer fades away and doesn't get to make a re-appearance until the end of the film.

But I will say that this was a great movie. I am glad that Fincher was apparently uncompromising when making the film. I think that some movies need to be 'R' rated movies. And shouldn't be watered / dumbed down just so they can wring a few more bucks out of them with a wider audience.

I enjoyed the investigation and mystery of the movie. Even if I did see where big points were going miles away. It was still enjoyable to follow through the case with the characters and see where it was all going.

I plan to now read the books, since I don't want to wait for the rest of the movies. Not too mention, that it seems Fincher isn't locked in and may not return. Not too say that the next two could be worse or better. But it would be nice to have the principals all involved again.

4 stars out of 5