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Monday, September 2, 2013

Time Flies

    I surprise myself once again at how fast time can fly. It's hard to believe it's been so long since I did the last update.
   It's been a slow year for the toy collecting. I've been focused on other things, and with attempting to downsize my collection skipped a lot of releases in the last year. This has been a good thing over all. It's forced me to focus the collection, and stop picking up cool things that don't really have any attachment appeal to them. But I'm still having the worst time trying to move items. I may have to resort to Ebay, but my last trip down that line was almost more trouble then it's worth.
  The small hauls I picked up have been cool. Springer, Blitzwing and Sandstorm were all nice figures. More so than I thought they would be. I'm waiting for replacement parts for Blitzwing from BBTS since he came with a broken pin in his elbow, and it just dropped off right out of the box. I finally got my Masterpiece Thundercracker. Feels cool to have the seekers complete. Even though they are not all the same mold. Got a First Edition Vehicon, and I have to say the RiD version is the nicer of the two. I'd like to have a second Jet Vehicon so I could have them in pairs. But I don't want to pay the price. I'm no longer looking at grabbing pieces in that price range on a whim. If only Hasbro would release him.
   I skipped Masterpiece Lambor and Red Alert. Going with my new collecting stance, wait for Hasbro. Not get sucked into the much higher prices generally for the Takara or over seas prices. Hasbro tends to release everything eventually. I'm glad I have my MP Megatron already. Because that is one I highly doubt will ever come out over here in his G1 form. But the Hasbro MP figures are damn hard to get where I am. I was very lucky to get Grimlock. Some work got my Rodimus, and some more luck got my an order in for Soundwave and Acid Storm. With these last two apparently they came and went in my neck of the woods (The closest store being almost 2 hrs away) 2 weeks ago and I only heard about it this weekend.
   Wave 2 of the Transformers Kreons were awesome, as were the Kreo combiners. I love these little guys. Hopefully they release GI Joe in blind bags. I'd be sorely tempted to get them as well.
   I got a new Hot Wheels car Magnum P.I. sports car. I wish these could be found at retail, I missed TCs chopper and van. As well as the white car from the A - Team.
   I'm missing 3 limbs for Abominus in the Prime Cyberverse line. I took my chances to wait for retail. And so far it's burning me. Although patience did pay off with Prime Smokescreen. Found him in store about a month ago. Nice figure. Wish he was painted like he was at the end of the show. But he still looks good.
   All I can say is this collecting things would be so much easier if I lived in the city where TRU is. With all the sales, and coupons they have. It would a great help. That's for sure.

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