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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Just finished watching the series Robots in Disguise finally. Took me awhile to find the time to work through it.

I liked it in the end. It took me a few episodes to get moving through it. It was nice to see actual transformations on the bots for a change. It looks like there was actually an effort to have them animated in such a way that you can see them transform. Unlike some of the newer shows where it goes so fast, or blurs or morphs and just doesn't look right.

The stories were about on par with G1, pretty simple and straight forward. But they did have a bunch of nice characters. Skybite turned out to be a lot more likable to me than when it started. And the show as interested me into getting a handful of the toys if I can find them priced right. Especially Brave Maximus. With any luck I will be able to start shopping around for him sometime next year.

Animation was good, and voices were ok. And the kids weren't nearly as annoying as I expected. At least not close to annoying as I was finding them in Armada.

Overall, good show. Was well worth seeing.

3 stars out of 5