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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Managed to see the trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie Thor. With the knowledge that trailers seem to always look good. This trailer looks.. pretty good.

Not much more to say I guess at this point, not going to be coming out until May 2011 if they keep their date.

Google around, I'm sure you'll find it..

Saturday, July 24, 2010


This one will probably be a short one.. Go ahead and see it.

Was a pretty decent movie, nothing that will be talked about around the water cooler for days like Inception was. But then this is a pretty straight forward spy type movie.

I came away with this movie feeling like something from the 80s for some reason. And like one review mentioned, and seemed to be dead one. This movie was more of a Bond movie than the last several Bond movies ever were.

The way the movie ends I would like to see a sequel. But then again, I don't. If you know what I mean.

Angelina did a great job, as did the whole cast. This is probably the first movie that I really liked Liev Shreiber in since forever. I always felt he was a good actor mainly, but never seen him in much of a good movie before.

I especially liked the Counter Espionage guy, whos name escapes me at the moment (Was also in Die Hard 4 if I remember right)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


FIVE STARS * * * * *

Where to begin with this one.. Shut down the Cinemas. I've seen the best movie of the year, and there is no point in going to anything else this year. Just hand out the awards now.

Not since I saw The Matrix (First one, not the sequels. I liked them too, but they were all different genres and the extras have some evidence of that ) or The Usual Suspects have I seen a movie that was just so mind engaged and smart. Not that I can think of off the top of my head anyway.

The movie looked great, sounded great and the only thing I can think of that I didn't like was what seemed to be some funny business with the time compression at the end. And my whole opinion of the movie could be swayed by the very last 60 seconds or so. But it's left in doubt, which isn't a bad ending. But if it goes one way I'd feel very ripped off. But since it's in doubt we shall never know.. hopefully.

The whole film is basically a caper movie. Dicaprio is the leader of a crew. Put together to pull of a heist. The only wrinkle, being that the jewels are locked away in a vault inside someones mind. It's like the matrix, but everyones own personal one. In a weird way it reminds me of Johnny Mnemonic. Kidnap whatever the target and jack into them and do the job. And if you do it well enough they don't even know they've been 'downloaded'

I was in no way a fan of Dicaprio for years. Not until I seen 'The Departed' since then I've been checking out his new movies. And they've all been pretty good so far. Even though I didn't find 'Shutter Island' to be as great as everyone made it out to be. But 'The Departed' was awesome and 'Inception' was off the charts.

Nolan get's a lot of pats on the back for 'The Dark Knight' now, I like Batman as much as everyone else. But I didn't find it to be the masterpiece that everyone seemed to think that it was. Ledgers performance as the Joker was amazing. But I have my doubts that if he were still with us the buzz may not have been so great. But an award winning performance none the less. The movie itself not so much. But 'Inception' is the movie that sells me on Nolan being a genius filmmaker.

Now from what I have seen and read so far, the opinions of this movie seem to break down into two camps. Black and White. You will either love this movie, or not at all. Which brings me back to the old idea that you have movies and films. This would be a film and for instance, 'The A-Team' would be a movie. They cater to audiences that want two distinctly different things. Also kinda why it seemed that so many loved or hated 'The Matrix' and the 'Reloaded' seemed to garner a different reaction. It being a different genre of movie from the first one, appealed to a different core audience.

So, if you don't like meaty brain food with your visual entertainment you may want to seek out a movie at the cinema. Since you probably won't like this film.

I have really cut back on my DVD / Blu-ray purchases in the last six to ten months since I don't watch too many more than once. Or even play a game more than once. And have funnelled that cash into my collectible hobby instead. But this is one movie I will look forward to on a super Blu-ray Special Collectors edition this fall.


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Historian

Just finished reading this book. It was a fantastic read too. From what I've found out, it was a first novel from Elizabeth Kostova. The movie rights have been picked up, but that's always a roll of the dice on how Hollywood treats stuff.

The book basically revolves around the idea that Dracula is still alive. But the book isn't what you would call a vampire novel. Apparently there was a bidding war when the book was published, as they all thought they had the next Da Vinci Code on their hands.

This book is more about the search for the clues that Dracula is still alive, and where he might be. And the evidence of the existence of what could turn out to be vampires. It's more of a Mystery / Thriller. With the disappearances, and cover up the evidence and the race across Europe trying to tie together the clues to locate him. Dusty old libraries, tombs and events taking place in a couple time lines. As the plot continues from a father down to his daughter.

Highly Recommended. Was much better than the last Dan Brown book, which I found to be a big disappointment really. And hopefully no movie version coming. Or then again, maybe this time the movie would be better.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Was a pretty good movie. I can't say I was expecting much with how these things usually go. But with the director and casting choices I was pretty hopeful.

The movie turned out to be a throwback to the 80's and was probably the best Alien / Predator movie since Predator 1 and Aliens (2). Smart choice not going with the usual action star type to lead the movie.

Only real issued I had were with Fishburne (Who I usually like quite well.. Anyone remember Deep Cover?? ) His part just seemed pointless mostly, and a waste of time. His part could have been told with a found journal or torn notebook pages. Or even better, let the group find his hiding hole with him gone. And just the journal to tell the tale of a lone survivor and his 10 seasons on that rock and no clue what had happened to him.

Other than that the Predator dogs were interesting, wasn't enough stalking and such of the group. And it would have been very nice to see the Yakuza win that duel for a change. Not have a double KIA. That sucked.. A scene thrown back to Predator 1, but this time the human wins would have been so much better.

I've read that Rodriguez is interested in a sequel.. I'm not sure that is a good idea. This one worked, and was pretty good overall. Let it rest. They will need to do something quite different with the game preserve for a sequel not to seem like been there done that before.

Dispicable Movie

What should come as no surprise I guess, Despicable Me wasn't much of a movie. I should say, that even the bad movies have good scenes in them. But, this movie a lot like How to Train your Dragon was operating on one level only. And if you weren't a kid, you weren't going to get much out of it.

The trailers gave away (as usual it seems) the best parts of the movie (It's so Fluffy!!) and the attempted break ins at Vectors HQ. Not too mention the Freeze ray scene from the coffee shop.

Toy Story, G-Force and even Band Slam this movie most definitely is NOT.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Looking like a good weekend for the movies. With the third straight day of temperatures up and over forty degrees with the humidity, which is ever present here.

Predators and Despicable Me opening, the AC should be worth it alone. My off the cuff suspicion will be that Despicable Me will be the better movie. Until Ridley gets around to doing Alien 5 I don't expect to see any good Alien or Predator movies anymore. We shall see if I'm wrong or not.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Last Airbender

Managed to get to this movie. Was a pretty decent movie. Special FX were good, acting was Ok. Story wast serviceable, not ground breaking. Overall a pretty decent Asian style fantasy movie.

And if it weren't for the fact that it apparently cost almost $300 million total out the door to threatres I'd be interested in the 2 proposed sequels. But with that high a cost, and only $16 million taken in (Find out the whole weekend total by Monday I imagine) it's not looking too good.

As for the avalanche of negative reviews.. I'm not entirely sure what to think about all their claims. I found the new Twilight movie to be the best of the 3. And a lot better than I expected. But Avatar was far better. Maybe it just appeals to me more, with the elemental powers, martial arts and the asian flavour.

For what it's worth I don't know much of anything about the source material at all. Never seen a single episode of the cartoon.

And with all the flops that M. Night has put out since Unbreakable this would be his sole decent effort since then.

I think this movie isn't deserving of all the negativity that it's getting. If there was one thing I would really complain about, it's that the movie really didn't seem to have an end. And with the sequels in question. The story is started, but unfinished. And leaving the theatre I was annoyed at only seeing about 1/3rd of a movie (Story)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

The trailer was attached to Twilight: Eclipse.. Fantastic.. I can't wait to see it. Looks like an awesome old school outing once again. Creepy as hell, with the trailer even having tons of little details to watch for in the scenes. Must try and see this opening night with a full audience.

I hope it beats the hell out of the crap they call horror these days. Since if I recall it's due in October along with the perennial Saw release /yawn

The Twilight Saga

What can you say about the movies that are bucking the apparent trend. Big budget movies that attract hordes of kids to the theatres and repeat viewing. The female crowds mainly.. Their based on a hugely successful series of books. None of which I have read, and had said I would never read after having read what I considered the much better of the two franchises ( True Bloods Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries). But now may have to.

Now in it's third movie with two more coming, supposedly splitting the final volume in two with the usual about not having to sacrifice so much.

Having not read the books, I don't know how close they are to the source material. Judging from the fan reaction and comparing it to the first two Harry Potter movies (One of the few series I have read more than once) I can presume they are very faithful Which could be why they didn't go over well with the people at large unfamiliar with the source. If like HP, The first two which were the best, because of being so close to the books. And also criticized greatly for not striking out on their own. And were a too literal translation of the books to film. Well, guess what?? Thats what the people wanted and thats who went to see it. The HP films have gotten worse over time. As more got cut out, and different directors have tried to put their stamp on them. Rather than serving up the fans what they want, the books on film.

To get back on track, I can presume that this is what is NOT happening with Twilight. Seeing all the complaints. And seeing the first two myself, ignorant of the books. I hated the first one.. I could understand what was going on with Bella and all the whining and stuff. She was 16 or 17 and didn't know shit for lack of a better word (Unlike Sookie who in all fairness, is in her mid to late twenties and is more mature) But the movie was just stiff, questionable acting, boring what else can I say. But the girls seemed to love it.

By the time the second one came around, and we got to see the Werewolves and the tribe more. It was starting to hook into me. I read most everything White Wolf put out ages ago for the world of darkness line. And I just got hooked with the Werewolf aspect of the movie. The tie to nature, their warmth, protectors of the wild and all that. And especially the fact that they were like 7' tall at the shoulder in wolf form. I am glad that they don't have a hybrid form. Human and Wolf. That's enough. When I started the new season of True Blood, one thing among a few this season that was disappointing was seeing the Weres being like the size of a German shepherd.

So going into Eclipse I wasn't expecting much.. And the reviews I had seen were very bad, low rating and lots of complaining. But dare I say, I liked the movie. Wasn't the greatest movie. But I can see some growth with Bella, and the love triangle. With me starting to see some maturity in Edward who seems to want Bella. But also, what's best for her. And is torn between what he knows should happen, and what he wants to happen. And he seems to be putting some thought into the fact that in not wanting to change her. Jacob is the better choice between them. Will he let her go in the last installment(s) so she can free to live a warm human life with Jacob.. I suppose people can be flawed, but if Edward were really a century old or so. He should have the maturity to either change her so they can be together forever, or just let her go. He should know that at her age, she really doesn't know what she wants. And everything is a big deal. Come back when she's like 30 or 35 when she will mentally be able to make informed decisions.

Something else the books may make more clear, but WTH is with the Volturi (spelling??) They don't seem to be anything more than some bumbling clown hierarchy.. Here it was looking like the vampire had some higher authority among their people. Some laws and rules.. Well maybe not.. They don't seem to make any sense at all. It would appear that they have some ulterior motive going on.. But would one or two be able to go 'Rogue' in secret from the others. Or is there only like five of them?? And if there were only so few why haven't they been overthrown by now. It would seem that True Blood has them beat hands down, with making the vampires seem to have a society of their own that they owe allegiance too. Shouldn't they be worried that Victoria was making a mass vampire factory that risked exposing them to the humans??

And I'm told that they don't sparkle in the books.. Well I damn well hope they don't. But beyond that, the fact that vampires are up and around during the daylight hours just bothers me to no end. It's just wrong, like boiled icing. It should not be happening. But, I've managed to ignore it so far.

So with all this rambling my favorite movie characters are Jacob, Alice, Jasper, Edwards Father and the Werewolves. (Sad to see Graham Greene gone ) Firmly Team Jacob here.