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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Talisman: The game of Magical Adventure

Anyone who likes board games with a little crunch should check out Fantasy Flight Games. They have a deep range of tabletop games to satisfy most genres.

I was introduced to Talisman almost 26 years ago when it was still in 2nd Edition under Games Workshop. That was the best edition, and into the 90s it went into a 3rd Edition that wasn't so great.

But now FFG has the license and it is now a real throwback to that old edition. A new board expansion has just come out. Hopefully they will round out the last two corners with a new version of the City.

Basically it is a board game of Adventure and Magical quests. With character classes, followers and items. Monsters and board squares to explore and overcome. Wonky rules, random dice and wildly different power levels (Not everything was in balance) was the charm and flavor of the game.

And unlike Descent and some of the newer bigger games which are more like D&D Lite this game doesn't require a Gamemaster, but does need more than a few hours to run through with 3 or more players.

Heres hoping for more surprise endings.. Bring back the horrible Black Void !!!

Bits and Pieces

Went to see Shrek 4 the other day.. What a steaming pile of crap that was. After about 45 minutes I had to leave the theatre and I felt like standing in the hall for the remainder of the movie.

There was nothing cute, funny or entertaining about the film at all. I went to see How to Train your Dragon earlier this year. That movie only worked on one level, for the kids. But it still wasn't a bad movie at all. Not like the original Shrek and movies of that sort, where there is one layer that entertains the kids. And a second one that appeals to the adults in the audience.

That second layer was missing from Dragon. But, it still managed to be a fair movie for adults and good for kids. Shrek 4 didn't have anything for adults and nothing but the most base entertainment for kids. Who I imagine, never really noticed anyway.

At this point the best kids movie I seen or rather 'Family' movie that had something for young and old alike was last summers G-Force and Band Slam.

In other news I managed to finally finish God of War 3 on PS3. Should have done it sooner, would have got some more trade credit for it than I did when I turned it in.

I found it from a game play standpoint to be much better than GoW I and II. Still had puzzles, but they weren't a frustratingly massive turn off. Since these were supposed to be action games, not puzzlers. I would prefer them to be shorter and more straight forward so as they don't interfere with my killing the enemy. GoW III delivered more than the originals.

Wasn't worth a purchase though, too short. And I almost never play something twice. Challenge levels and what not don't appeal to me at all. So, I bought it on credit, but once I run out of trade credit I won't be buying many more games new. Probably a few when they get to the $25 dollar range. And I will just re-open my gamepass up. When I can finish a game every 2 weeks or so when I work at it. They just arn't worth the $70 price tags and be lucky to get $30 back.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Russell of the Hood

Went to see Robin Hood. I liked it better than Prince of Thieves. But, I also haven't seen PoT in quite some time. Somehow I don't think it will be much better now, seeing as how Costner is still in it (Yes, he has some good movies.. Bull Durham and Untouchables for two.. )

This one seemed to be more of the Lord of the Rings of the Hood. A more gritty and realistic take. No real comedy, swashbuckling or anything of the sort. Which was good. King John was great, I liked his performance. Crowes was alright, nothing to write home about. I like Max Von Sydow better as well as the Marshall ( Hurt ).

Well worth seeing, borderline on whether you should wait for a rental or fork out for a theatre ticket. Was a little too long. And the big surprise, is this isn't really Robin Hood but the prequel. So, naming the movie Robin Hood was kind of a cheat.

Dare I say no Oscars for this one..

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Go out and rent this movie. I missed it when it first came out in theaters. Which was too bad, because it's actually not bad at all.

Nice change of ideas, to have the world basically populated with Vampires and the humans are the rarity. Almost seemed like a take on modern society whether intentional or not, about overpopulation and the dwindling of natural resources. In this case human blood.

I wouldn't even call it a horror movie really. I could so far as to say I would have liked it to have been a HBO mini series type of thing, or possibly a couple of movies that could have started with the beginning of the plague and the rise of the vampire society to the fall of humans all in a 10 year span. And than have this movie which dealt with the crunch of lack of resources and the search for a synthetic substitute and the discovery of the cure. And the people who want to stay vampire for all the 'health' benefits that it imparts.

Was kind of humorous how the new society was very much like the old, but on the opposite side of the clock.

Anyway, held my attention for a couple hours. And is certainly worth the rental.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Twenty - Four

Well.. what can I say about this weeks episode. By the end I thought I was watching video from Army of One..

Pretty good episode actually, probably a good thing this is the last season. Because at this point, Jack has become Captain vigilante and is hunting down all the bad guys and killing and or eviscerating them and not necessarily in that order.

Should be interesting how they will swing a movie after this, unless they plant it in the past. Since I would expect Jack to be killed or else locked up for sure this time. How on earth are they going to excuse him this time, and let him go begrudgingly so that they can call him back in again later like they usually do when they need him, but fear his methods that get results that national security demands. That they then hate him for providing for them..

Not too mention, that the show has also become a little too formulaic with its approach. There is always a mole in CTU.. or more than one. Always a surprise return character, even towards the end of the season. Jack will kill and torture people. And likely die at least once himself. No one eats or goes to the washroom for 24 hrs straight. And damn near everything that happens has multiple contingency plans since the plot goes forward for 24 straight hours no matter how Jack messes it all up.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Smackdown

Got back yesterday from WWE Smackdown house show. I haven't been to a WWE/F live event since 15 years or so ago. And let me tell you, that back then it was pretty crappy.

We had Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Duke the Dumpster, Doink, JJ, Smoking Guns.. Crappy sound system (Arena fault I would say ) no real matches, a lot of pushing, shoving some punches and kicks and just a total lack luster display.

Flash forward 15 years and we had Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Kelly Kelly, MVP, Shad, Drew, Kofi, Christian.. Good Sound, the ring actually had the WWE Smackdown logo and colors. And the show was good. Just like every Friday night. Pretty much all the spots and finishers. I didn't expect Rey to go all out like he does on PPV or TV. But damn, if he didn't fly around the ring, jumping from the ropes, 619 (Kinda lame move really) and everything. Was a good 2 hr show. If I had anything to complain about, it would be that they had a second show 4 hrs later and a 1 hr or more drive to get there. So, we didn't get to see anyone or autographs.

We did have good seats too. And not on the floor either, just above them. So I could see the whole ring at a nice angle. And not be sitting flat on the floor looking through the ring and past other people.

But, I'll be watching for their next stop through. And hopefully Raw next time so we can see the other side. And hopefully not so rushed so we can try and get some pictures and autographs.

It only took 15 years for me, but I finally feel justified in the money I spent then. That it motivated me to go again and finally see a good show.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Popcorn Season Has Started or Film Season has Ended and Movies have begun

Well.. Iron Man 2 was Ok.. Seems the info was right. Big budget special effects extravaganza. Light on any real story and heavy on CG and FX. If it weren't for Downey this movie would have crashed and burned. The whole thing rides on his insane level of Charisma and Charm.

Whiplash is mostly forgettable, and having two billionaire arms dealing, fast talking, techno geeks in the same movie?!?

Oh, and I'm not sure if this was even Iron Man 2. It could have been S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode #0 or maybe even the Avengerns Prequel with all the screen time that Nick Fury got (And we didn't even get one Motherfucker out of him ) and the ending with Thors Hammer..

Now, maybe the little plot plot points that Nick brought in for Tony was true to the comics. But, guess what.. I didn't read Iron Man. And probably no one else in the audience did either. So, all the SHIELD stuff was just throwing off the movie.

Which in the end just didn't seem to have much in the way of any direction besides a paper thin plot to meander through to get to the big money shots.

Oh well, they all can't be like X-Men 1 & 2, Spider Man 2 or even Iron Man 1.

I enjoyed the new Episode of Supernatural the night before much better. And it was free. Can't wait for the next one.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Man Challenge

It's Iron Man weekend. Will it be any good, will it compare to the original?? If Early reviews are any indication it's much more on action and a lot less on story and character.. Which if done right should be ok.

So, here's hoping for a good action flick.. Has to be better than Sherlock Holmes..

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Went through a few DVDs I picked up previously viewed over Xmas and never got to. Rewatched The Hangover, still not bad. Wasn't as funny the second time around of course. First time was only a few chuckles. But, not a bad movie. I'll be interested in seeing the sequel thats in the works. Off to the trade in pile this one goes now, I'll never watch it again.

Public Enemies.. I had to shut it off.. What more can I say about it. Saturday night I had rented Boon Dock Saints II: All Saints Day, and fell asleep. This was worse, I had to actually get up and shut it off.

As for Boondock, I remember liking the first one. But, I hadn't seen it in some time. But the sequel was better than Nyquil for your insomnia.

Still have Inglorious Basterds to watch again. As well has Gran Torino and Harry Potter. Those last two on Blu Ray.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stargate: Universe

I really hope that the mess at MGM doesn't cause this show to get shelved or even cancelled. Kind of like what's been going on with the new James Bond movie.

This weeks episode was great, and I'm looking forward to the last few new episodes pretty much more than anything else on TV.

I find it to be a nice breath of fresh air, and a real gamble that they took. Breaking from SG1 and Atlantis and making a more character driven show, with the Sci fi being more of a backseat. With the originals being so Action Adventure with the comedy tossed in. This one is a real departure.

Pretty much in the mold of the new Battlestar Galactica, which although I liked it. I like SG:U much better.

Heres hoping for 6 more seasons at least..